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Legal Aid and Pro bono Services

Being conscious of our solemn duty to the public, as a matter of policy and selfdrive, our Advocates offer legal aid and pro bono services and are keen to
empower the less fortunate and indigent in the society. We do this through advising them on their rights, representing them on pro bono basis. Indeed, the Senior Partner has been numerously recognized and feted with Certificate of Appreciation by FIDA KENYA, LSK among others. Our office deals with individual pro bono clients who require our services from referrals and take ups.

We also engage with various organizations which offer pro bono services which
includes but not limited to:-
a.) FIDA Kenya
b.) Refugee Consortium of Kenya RCK
c.) Legal Resources Foundation LRF
e.) KELIN Kenya
f.) LSK
g.) IMLU
h.) Amnesty International
i.) ICJ Kenya

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